Minecraft Server IP:

Screen shot of spawn on our minecraft server

Why play here?

  1. Its still minecraft. We run plugins to add to survival, not change to a new game.

  2. Donators are not over-powered. We don't give out creative to anyone except an admin. No one is going to try to kill you on god mode, though... perhaps as a chicken. Minecraft PvP is not about powers, its about skill or maybe time speant mining.

  3. No favoritism towards players. No one gives out diamond swords, this is an economy server. You eat what you kill, i.e. Buy it, mine it, craft it. There is a modest starter kit involving a couple wood tools so you can hit the ground running, but that's it. Minecraft at its finest.

  4. Amazing uptime. The Minecraft server restarts every night, and will automatically come back up if it did go down. If that fails we run a custom script that will alert the owner that the server is down. How many other servers out there can say the same?

  5. Player controlled protections. Factions allows people to claim a chunk on their own. Nothing you really care about can be griefed as long as you're proactive. Building on minecraft should be fun, your creations should be protected.

  6. Griefing and stealing are legal on this minecraft server. You remember we said that players control protection? If you run across an unprotected house in the wilderness with a chest full of diamonds, take them. We want you to, the player who built it should have maintained protection on it.

  7. Run logblock so you can still find out who stole from you. Sometimes people in your faction steal from you, it just happens. No reason you can't find out who so you can kick them or start a new faction with people more trustworthy. Survival multi-player minecraft is more fun with friends, and rather than randomly accuse people of ripping up your house's bedroom KNOW who did it so you can keep your new minecraft friends and distance yourself from the pretenders.