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Wood Level Stone Level Iron Level Diamond Level
$3 during last 3 months. $7.50 during last 3 months. $15 during last 3 months. $30 during last 3 months.
  • Able to join server even if its full
  • AutoRepair - Can repair items with command or automatically if you have required materials right before item would break.
  • Dirt Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Torch Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Blue name in game.
  • Everything from Wood Level
  • Mobdisguise and/or DisguiseCraft - Be any animal or creature except other players.
  • /Warp command
  • /Stack command
  • Set up to 3 /home locations.
  • Wood Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Cobblestone Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Everything from Stone Level
  • Vanish - Hide from other players.
  • /Jump command
  • Set up to 5 total /home locations.
  • Stone Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Redstone Kits (Unlimited)*
  • Everything from Iron Level
  • Magic Carpet - Allows a form of flying using glass blocks which magically appear under your feet!
  • Feather Flying - Right click with feather in hand to fly that direction.
  • /Spawner command - Change Mob Spawners.
  • Unlimited /home locations.
  • Diamond Kits - 1 per day.*
  • Golden Apple Kits - 1 per day.*
  • Feather Kits - 1 per 10 minutes.*

All prices are in US Dollars.

*Kits except Diamond and Golden Apple come with 64 of the item listed, and have a 10 second cooldown. Diamond and Feather kits come with 1 of the item. Golden Apple kit comes with 5 of the item. Diamond and Golden apple kids have a cooldown of about 1 day. Feather kit has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
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Package contents are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. No Refunds, you're making a donation. Packages come AS IS, without warranty of merchantability or any other kind. If you violate any server rules or policies, published or not, now or in the future you may still be banned, temporarily banned, kicked, jailed, muted, have your inventory deleted, be lit on fire (in game), fined, attacked with lightning, or anything else any moderator, admin, or owner feels appropriate at the time, at their sole discression.